How do I view a Track Log in Google Earth on my PC?

To view a track log in Google Earth on a PC or Mac, you will first need to send the .kml file from ForeFlight to your PC or Mac.  To do this, open the track log within ForeFlight and select the SEND TO button in the upper right and then select MAIL.  

Image 1:  Tap SEND TO and MAIL to email a track log .kml file to your PC or Mac.


You should now see an email page.  Enter an email address in the 'To:" field that you can access on your PC or Mac and then select SEND in the upper right.  

Image 2:  Enter your email address and select SEND.


Now that you have sent the email, go to your PC or Mac and if Google Earth is already installed, all you will need to do is open the email you sent yourself and tap on the .kml file in the email.  This should cause the file to open automatically in Google Earth.

Image 3:  Click or tap on the .kml attachment to open the track log in Google Earth.



Image 4:  Track log should now be open and displayed in Google Earth.