Which items are synced using the Sync feature?

Turning Synchronize User Data in ForeFlight Mobile under MORE > SETTINGS allows the app to sync and back up user data in the ForeFlight Cloud. Synced items can be accessed across devices using the same ForeFlight account. The following items are synced to the ForeFlight Cloud:

  - Aircraft Profiles

  - Briefings

  - Checklist

  - Documents

  - Flight Messages

  - Flight Plans that have been filed

  - Logbook

  - Navlogs on the Flights page

  - Recent and Favorite Airports

  - Routes

  - ScratchPads 

  - Track Logs

  - User Waypoints

  - Weather Imagery

  - Weight & Balance Profiles

NOTE: Synced data only refers to data preservation and availability. It does not mean actions performed in-app will be mirrored on other devices on the same account. For instance, entering a route in the Maps page NavLog on the iPad will not cause that route to appear in the Navlog on another device, such as an iPhone. However, the route entered on the iPad will be in the list of recent routes on the other device.