How do I update the firmware on my Stratus receiver?

Each new version of ForeFlight has the potential of carrying with it a new firmware update for the Stratus.  

To make sure your device is up to date, do the following:

1.  Make sure your iPad or iPhone and Stratus are fully charged or plugged in.

2.  Connect your iPad or iPhone to the Stratus Wi-Fi network.

3.  Open ForeFlight and select the MORE tab.

4.  Select DEVICES.

5.  Tap on the STRATUS device.

6.  If an update is available, you will see it on the Firmware line under "Devices".  If an update is available, just tap on it.  

7.  Tap the FIRMWARE UPDATE button to proceed.  Be sure your devices are plugged in and charged.  Also, leave the screen open during update.

Here is our Stratus: Updating Firmware video to help you learn how to make sure your Stratus device is up to date:

Video 1.  Stratus: Updating Firmware.