What weather products are available using a Scout or Sentry?

The Scout and Sentry receive and transmit to ForeFlight Mobile the following products:


-Center Weather Advisories

-Cloud Tops

-Flight Category


-METARs (Surface temperature, visibility, surface wind, ceiling)




-Sky Coverage


-Temperature Aloft



TFRs IMPORTANT NOTICE: Graphical TFR information is ONLY updated and displayed if you select the TFR Map overlay while connected to the Internet, or while using an in-flight weather receiver. However, if the FAA publishes a TFR without associated graphical shape information, it may not be possible for ForeFlight Mobile to show the graphical TFR on the Maps page. Therefore you should also check the Airports page, under NOTAMs > TFRs for airports along your route, and contact FSS or ATC to confirm that your route does not cross any such TFRs