What information will I need to manually complete an aircraft Weight and Balance profile?

To manually set up an Aircraft W&B Profile, you will need to gather some information before you get started.  Most of the information needed should be in your aircraft flight manual. 

1.  Basic Aircraft Information

  •     Tail Number (Registration Number)
  •     Make
  •     Model

2.  Station Information (For every station):

  •      Station name - pilot seat, passenger seat, baggage area, etc.
  •      Station arm (required)
  •      Station weight limit (if applicable)

3.  Empty aircraft information:

  •      Empty weight (required)
  •      Empty moment (required)

4.  Weight limits:

  •     Ramp
  •     Takeoff (required)
  •     Landing
  •     Zero fuel

5.  Aircraft CG Envelope:

  •     CG limit (required)
  •     Associated weight (required)

6.  If you have a variable-arm fuel tank:

  •     Weight
  •     Associated moment