What information will I need to manually complete an aircraft Weight and Balance profile?

To manually set up an Aircraft W&B Profile, you will need to gather some information before you get started.  Most of the information needed should be in your Pilots Operating Handbook (POH) for your aircraft.  Here are the items you should get before starting:

1.  Basic Aircraft Information

  •     Tail Number (Registration Number)
  •     Make
  •     Model

2.  Station Information (For every station):

  •      Station name - this could be the pilot seat, passenger seat, baggage area, etc
  •      Station arm (required)
  •      Station weight limit (if applicable)

3.  Empty aircraft information:

  •      Empty weight (required)
  •      Empty moment (required)

4.  Weight limits:

  •     Ramp
  •     Takeoff (required)
  •     Landing
  •     Zero fuel

5.  For each forward and aft CG limit (Aircraft CG Envelope):

  •     CG limit (required)
  •     Associated weight (required)

6.  If you have a variable-arm fuel tank, for each point of the fuel moment table:

  •     Weight
  •     Associated moment