For which aircraft are the Weight and Balance SmartOptions interview questions available?

We are working hard to add more, but at this time the list below shows the models that are available. If your aircraft is not on this list, you can still use the Weight and Balance feature by manually entering the Arms, Moments and Stations using the information from your aircraft's POH or AFM.

Beech 76 (Duchess)
Beechcraft King Air B100
Beechcraft King Air B300

Cessna 172
Cessna 172A
Cessna 172B
Cessna 172C
Cessna 172D
Cessna 172E
Cessna 172F
Cessna 172G
Cessna 172H
Cessna 172I
Cessna 172J
Cessna 172K
Cessna 172L
Cessna 172M
Cessna 172N
Cessna 172P
Cessna 172Q
Cessna 172R
Cessna 172RG
Cessna 172S
Cessna 175
Cessna 175A
Cessna 175B
Cessna 175C
Cessna 182
Cessna 182A
Cessna 182B
Cessna 182C
Cessna 182D
Cessna 182E
Cessna 182F
Cessna 182G
Cessna 182H
Cessna 182J
Cessna 182K
Cessna 182L
Cessna 182M
Cessna 182N
Cessna 182P
Cessna 182Q
Cessna 182R
Cessna 182RG
Cessna 182S
Cessna 182T
Cessna 340
Cessna 340A
Cessna R172E
Cessna R172G
Cessna R172H
Cessna R172J
Cessna R172K
Cessna R182
Cessna T-41A
Cessna T-41B
Cessna T172
Cessna T182
Cessna T182T
Cessna T41C
Cessna TR182

Cirrus SR20
Cirrus SR22
Cirrus SR22T

Diamond DA 40
Diamond DA 40 F
Diamond DA 40 NG
Diamond DA 42
Diamond DA 42 M-NG
Diamond DA 42 NG

Mooney M20
Mooney M20A
Mooney M20B
Mooney M20C
Mooney M20D
Mooney M20E
Mooney M20F
Mooney M20G
Mooney M20J
Mooney M20K
Mooney M20L
Mooney M20M
Mooney M20R
Mooney M20S
Mooney M20TN

Pilatus Britten-Norman Ltd BN-2B-26
Pilatus PC-12/45
Pilatus PC-12/47
Pilatus PC-12/47E

Piper PA-28-140
Piper PA-28-150
Piper PA-28-151
Piper PA-28-160
Piper PA-28-161
Piper PA-28-180
Piper PA-28-181
Piper PA-28-201T
Piper PA-28-235
Piper PA-28-236
Piper PA-28R-180
Piper PA-28R-200
Piper PA-28R-201
Piper PA-28R-201T
Piper PA-28RT-201
Piper PA-28RT-201T
Piper PA-28S-160
Piper PA-28S-180

TBM 700N (900/910/930)

Textron Citation 510 Mustang
Textron Citation 525A CJ2
Textron Citation 525B CJ3
Textron Citation 525C CJ4

Vulcanair P68C