How do I view VFR Arrival Route procedures that are noted on the VFR Terminal Area Chart?

To view information about VFR arrival procedures that are noted on a Terminal Area Chart, please go to DOCUMENTS > FAA > CHART SUPPLEMENT (AFD) and download the appropriate Chart Supplement for the area in question. Once downloaded and open, tap on the search button in the upper right, and search on the name of the arrival to view the arrival information.

Here is an example. In Florida, near Orlando Sanford (KSFB), there is a note to the north of the airport concerning the Monroe VFR Arrival Route.


Image 1. Terminal Area Chart showing a box referencing the Monroe VFR Arrival Route.

To find information on this particular VFR Arrival Route, go to the Documents page and tap on FAA in the left column and then CHART SUPPLEMENT (AFD) in the right column. Tap on Southeast Chart Supplement. Once downloaded, open the Chart Supplement and search for Monroe using the search function. Once the search results are displayed, tap to find the VFR Arrival Route information.


Image 2. Southeast Chart Supplement showing the Monroe VFR Arrival Route.