Can I open or launch ForeFlight Mobile from other apps using a URL scheme?

Yes. ForeFlight Mobile supports URL-based loading methods for loading views and data in the app. To use these, create a URL with the proper format and then click on that URL within an app that supports link-tapping, such as the iOS Mail app.

To launch ForeFlight Mobile and bring up a route on the Maps view, use a URL starting with this:


After the "q=" provide any search string that will work within ForeFlight Mobile. For instance, a route from KJGG to ORD to KOSH at 8000 feet while flying at 165 kts and burning 16 gph, would be entered in the search string as follows:


When specifying speeds, altitudes, or fuel burns within the search string, you can specify the unit format you prefer after each particular value:

   - Speed: mph, kts

   - Fuel Burn: gph, pph, lph, kgph

   - Altitude: ft, m

If a unit format is not included, the app's current default unit for specific items, as defined within the app under MORE > SETTINGS, will be used. Here are examples of how to specify particular formats for units:




An aircraft tail number corresponding to an Aircraft Profile on a device within ForeFlight Mobile can also be used. To do so, add the tail number to the search string:


An Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) in Zulu time can also be added. Add the ETD in the form YYYYMMDDTHH:MM:SSZ to the search string: