How do I enter Canadian VFR Waypoints or Checkpoints?

Canadian VFR waypoints, checkpoints, or call up points are not currently available in ForeFlight Mobile.  


Image 1.  Canadian VFR Waypoints.

NavCanada publishes VFR waypoint coordinates on the VTA.  You can manually add waypoints with the steps below.  

  1. Open ForeFlight Mobile and tap MORE > SETTINGS > UNITS/TIME > COORDINATES 
  2. Verify "DD" is selected.
  3. Tap MAPS to open the Maps page.
  4. In the small search field in the top right corner of the Maps page input the waypoint coordinates.  Eg. For N49 06.30  W123 18.1 please enter 4906.30/-12318.1 (See image 2)
  5. Tap search on the keyboard.
  6. Tap the "+" to add the new waypoint
  7. Enter the name of the waypoint and tap Done. (See image 3)
  8. You can now use the waypoint in your route.  (See image 4)


Image 2.  Enter the Lat/Long in the search box. Tap on the "+" on the popup.


Image 3.  Name the waypoint.


Image 4.  The created waypoint can now be used in the NavLog.