How do I add CG envelope limits?

To add limit points for your Center of Gravity (CG) envelope, open your Aircraft W&B Profile and select Edit

STEP 1. Scroll to the CG Limit Section.

STEP 2. Tap Add Foward Limit or Add Aft Limit

STEP 3. Tap the new CG limit and enter the CG limit and corresponding weight.  

STEP 4. Repeat until you have enough points for your needs.   


How to add CG Envelope Limits

NOTE: If your aircraft does not have a published minimum weight, use the aircraft's basic empty weight as the minimum weight. 

NOTE: If your aircraft CG limits are given as a moment, convert the limits to an arm by dividing the moment by its corresponding weight.  

NOTE: Entering CG limits in order is not required. To help with visualization of the CG envelope, entering higher weights at the top is recommended.