Is there a way to transfer AeroBalance aircraft weight and balance profiles to ForeFlight?

We can assist you in importing your AeroBalance W&B profile into ForeFlight.  Please email us the profile and we will send you back an email link that you can use to open the AeroBalance profile in ForeFlight.  That will allow the profile to be saved in ForeFlight and save you a lot of set up time. 

Alternatively, email the AeroBalance profile to an email you can open.  

Image 1.  Email profile to yourself from your AeroBalance app.

Once the profile is emailed, open the email and tap and hold and select COPY or if on a computer, right click on the Name of the Profile (which is hyperlinked) and select COPY LINK.


Image 2.  Right Click and select "Copy Link"

Now paste the copied link in a Word doc or to your Notes app on your iPad.  Once that is done, replace the part of the AeroBalance link that says aerobalance://? to say foreflightmobile://weightandbalance/profile?



Should be converted to:


Once that link is edited, copy it and paste it in an email back to yourself (Using an email account on your iPad) and open the email. Tap and Hold on the link and select OPEN. The W&B profile will then be imported and opened in ForeFlight where it will be saved for use.

Image 3.  How to open profiles via emailed links.