What criteria are required to get winds aloft calculations in the Maps page NavLog?

In the Maps page NavLog, winds aloft are only incorporated for a route of flight if the following criteria are met:

1: A true airspeed is set for your aircraft profile selected in the NavLog.

2: An altitude is selected in the NavLog. Winds aloft will be provided based on the altitude you choose from the Altitude Advisor.  To see your route without wind adjustments, select an ETD that is 7 days or more into the future. That will cause the calculations to be based on zero winds at ISA.

3: You have selected an Estimated Time of Departure (ETD). ForeFlight will use this time to incorporate the proper winds aloft forecasts into your time and fuel usage calculations. If you don’t provide a time, ForeFlight Mobile assumes you are departing ASAP.  If you select an ETD that is beyond the forecast period for upper winds, then no upper winds data will be provided. 

4: You have an active internet connection. Winds Aloft calculations require an active network connection to retrieve the latest winds aloft forecast. However, once a forecast has been downloaded it will be saved for a few hours for use when offline (in-flight).