Why is PIREP strange looking?

You may be seeing an Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay (AMDAR) PIREP.  AMDARs may show up from time to time in the PIREP display. They can show in a non-standard format, such as:

     LVR EU2200 4257N 07023W 312255 F370 MS522 219/054 TB/ S031

In this case, the AMDAR PIREP means:

     LVR = Flight phase: Level flight

     EU2200 = Aircraft ID

     4257N 07023W = Location

     312255 = Time Stamp

     F370 = FL370

     MS522 = Temperature Minus 52.2 degrees C

     219/054 = Winds 219 at 54kts

     TB/ = No turbulence

     S031 = Type of weather reporting gear in the plane

These automatic reports made by commercial aircraft carrying more precise weather observation gear, and they describe weather conditions in the upper layers of the atmosphere. The data from the reports are fed into NOAA and other worldwide weather service forecast models to improve weather forecasts.