How can I troubleshoot Stratus running with ForeFlight Mobile?

Here are a few items to check:

1.  Make sure you are connected to the Stratus via Wi-Fi in the iPad or iPhone SETTINGS APP under Wi-Fi. "Unsecured Network" should show underneath the Stratus Wi-Fi network name.


Image 1.  Stratus connected via Wi-Fi in the devices Settings app.

IMPORTANT: If the Stratus shows a "lock" icon next to the W-Fi "pie" icon, and "Unsecured Network" does not appear below the Stratus network name, you MUST turn the Stratus WPA2 Security OFF, in ForeFlight Mobile > More > Devices > Stratus > Wi-Fi Settings. 

2.  Make sure you are running the latest version of ForeFlight Mobile.  See the article on how to update your ForeFlight Mobile app.

3.  Verify you are receiving ADS-B tower broadcasts.  To do this, go to MORE > DEVICES, tap on your connected Stratus, and look at the RECEIVING FROM line.  Make sure it shows 1 or more stations are being received. When you are on the ground it is common for 0 stations to be received. If you are receiving no stations when airborne, and are in the coverage area, please check the positioning of the Stratus device.

Image 2.  MORE > DEVICES > STRATUS shows the number of connected towers.

4.  Verify that your device's date, time, and timezone are set correctly. You can do this in the iPad or iPhone SETTINGS APP under GENERAL > DATE & TIME.  It is best to have this setting set to SET AUTOMATICALLY.

Image 3.  Verify your time settings in the devices SETTINGS APP under GENERAL > DATE & TIME.