How can I purchase Synthetic Vision?

Synthetic Vision is available on the iPad and is included with the Pro Plus subscription plan for individuals, available for $199.99.

For existing customers: As an existing customer, upgrading to a Synthetic Vision plan will extend your expiration date to a year from when you upgrade. When you upgrade on our website, you'll receive a prorated credit for the unused time on your existing subscription which then applies to the upgrade purchase price. Upgrading in the app will not apply this credit to the purchase, but will instead apply the credit to your subscription length, extending it by a prorated amount.

To change plans, login at or go to and use the email address associated with your account. iTunes credit or gift cards may not be used towards Synthetic Vision subscription upgrades for existing accounts. 

For new customers: As a new customer, you can purchase a ForeFlight Mobile + Synthetic Vision  Pro Plus plan via the in-app buy button Subscription view or via our website at iTunes credits and gift cards may be used towards the purchase via the in-app buy button.