Are winds aloft provided for Canada?

You can find winds aloft for Canada in several locations within the ForeFlight Mobile EFB app:

Airports page: When viewing an airport, winds aloft forecasts can be viewed by selecting the WEATHER tab and then WINDS ALOFT. 


Image 1.  Winds aloft on Airports page. 

Maps page: Winds aloft forecasts can be viewed on the Maps page within the NavLog. When you have a route entered into the NavLog, simply tap on the altitude advisor button on the left to view winds aloft.

Winds aloft can also be viewed graphically on the Maps page by selecting Winds Aloft from the Map's layer selector. Forecasted Winds Aloft are depicted up to 6 hours ahead for the altitude selected. You can select altitudes from 3000’ to FL540 in 3000’ increments.


Image 2.  Winds aloft from the NavLog on Maps page.


Image 3.  Winds aloft from the layer selector on Maps page.

Imagery page: Winds aloft forecasts can be viewed on the Imagery page.  These are focused on the USA, but also show winds for southern Canada. 


Image 4.  Winds aloft on the Imagery page.

Flights page: Winds aloft forecasts can be viewed from a flight briefing on the Flights page.  


Image 5. Winds aloft in a briefing from the Flights page.