How do I add a binder to my plates page?

Here is how you can add a binder for your approach plates:

1.  Open ForeFlight.

2.  Select the PLATES tab.

3.  You will see a BINDER LIST drop-down menu at the top (middle).  Tap on that - this will bring up your list of Binders.

4.  Now, tap on the (+) button, and you will be prompted to name a new binder. 

5.  Type in the name you would like, and select SAVE.  This will put you in the binder you just made, so you can start adding plates. 

Image 1:  Adding a binder to the Plates page.

You can learn more about this in our Pilot's Guide or watch our Plates Organizer in ForeFlight Mobile video that discusses this and more. 

Video 1:  Plates Organizer in ForeFlight Mobile.