How can I get updated weather in flight?

ForeFlight Mobile supports in-flight weather. There are 4 ways to receive weather and NEXRAD radar in flight:

Method #1: Portable ADS-B

Use a portable Stratus ADS-B receiver. The following are supported ADS-B receivers:

-Sentry: The Sentry unit is an ADS-B receiver and it has a 12-hour battery, an internal GPS receiver, and a backup attitude indicator. You can learn more on the Sentry information page.

-Scout: The Scout is a lightweight, portable ADS-B receiver that is powered through an external battery or by connecting to your aircraft's power through a USB port. It receives ADS-B traffic and weather. It has no GPS. You can learn more on the Scout information page.

-Stratus: For more information about Stratus ADS-B receiver, please visit the Stratus information page

-Garmin: The Garmin GDL50 and GDL 52 ADS-B receivers work with ForeFlight. You can learn more on the Garmin Connect information page.


Method #2: Panel ADS-B

Use Garmin Connext to pair ForeFlight with a compatible ADS-B Garmin setup using a Garmin Flight Stream 110, 210, or 510. You can learn more on the Garmin Connect information page.


Method #3: XM

Use a portable XM receiver to obtain weather in ForeFlight. The following receivers are compatible:

-SXAR1: Purchase a portable SXAR1 receiver and a SiriusXM Pilot for ForeFlight subscription to receive in-flight weather from SiriusXM.  Please visit our SXAR1 information page for more details.

-Garmin GDL 51 or GDL 52: Garmin's portable XM receivers are compatible with ForeFlight. You can learn more on the Garmin Connect information page. Requires ForeFlight Mobile v10.2 or later.


Method #4: Cellular

Use Cellular data on your iPad or iPhone.  This is not reliable in the air and is not recommended by ForeFlight because of the lack of reliability.