Pilatus aircraft with Honeywell Apex & Aspen Connected Gateway

ForeFlight Mobile 13.1 and later, with a Performance Plus or Business Performance subscription, can send routes to Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft that are equipped with both a Honeywell Apex FMS and an Aspen Connected Gateway (CG100P/GC200P).

To send a route, the iPad or iPhone must be connected to the Aspen Connected Gateway’s Wi-Fi network, via Apple's SETTINGS > WI-FI.

After connecting, the Aspen GC100P/GC200P tile will be shown in MORE > DEVICES.


Preferred Method to Send a Route to CG100P/CG200P

The preferred method for sending a route to the Aspen Connected Gateway is from the Flights page. STEP 1. Tap the SEND TO button in the upper-right of the Flight page.

STEP 2. Tap the ((+)) PANEL button.


STEP 3. After the route is sent, a pop-up will open to confirm the successful transfer:



Alternate Method to Send a Route to CG100P/CG200P

STEP 1. On the Maps page, tap the FPL button to open the Flight Plan Editor.

STEP 2. Enter a route, then tap the ((+)) PANEL button.

STEP 3. Tap SEND TO PANEL to send the route to the Aspen Connected Gateway.



IMPORTANT: With either method, SIDs/STARs and Approach procedures currently cannot be transferred, so ForeFlight Mobile automatically removes those when sending to the panel. A pop-up message is shown in ForeFlight Mobile after the route is sent to remind the pilot that the SIDs/STARs and Approach procedures must be managed in the FMS. Also, airways are flattened into individual waypoints when sent to the panel.



Loading Transferred Route into the Apex FMS

After the route is sent to the Aspen Connected Gateway,  it must be loaded into the FMS.

STEP 1. Set the FPLN Source to “Gateway” (1).

STEP 2. Select the flight from FPLN List (2).



Clearing Routes from the GC100P/GC200P SD Card

The Aspen GC100P/GC200P stores transferred routes on an SD card. When the SD card is full, new routes cannot be transferred until the SD card is cleared.

STEP 1. To clear the routes, tap the GC100P/GC200P tile on MORE > DEVICES.

STEP 2. Tap “Delete stored flight plans”.


IMPORTANT: Deleting stored flight plans will clear ALL routes that have been sent to the Connected Gateway.