How do I update the firmware on my Scout ADS-B receiver?

This video shows the steps to update the firmware on your Scout receiver:

Video 1. How to update Scout firmware

To update the firmware on your Scout ADS-B receiver, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Check to make sure you have the latest version of ForeFlight installed on your iPad by opening ForeFlight and going to MORE > ABOUT.  You will need at least version 9.2.   If you have an older version than 9.2, update your app by following the instructions in this article:

     How do I update the ForeFlight Mobile app on my iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch?


Image 1. Check to see that your app version is 9.2 or newer.

STEP 2. Open the SETTINGS app on your iPad and select the Wi-Fi tab.  Connect your iPad to the Scout.  The Scout network will be listed as either "Ping-####" or "Scout-####" where "####" is a series of four letters and numbers.


Image 2. Connect your Scout to your iPad via WiFi.

STEP 3. Once connected to the Scout, open ForeFlight and go to MORE > DEVICES.


Image 3. Go to MORE > DEVICES.

STEP 4. Tap on the tile for the Scout.


Image 4. Tap on the Scout tile.

STEP 5. Tap on WI-FI VERSION near the top of the page.


Image 5. Tap on WI-FI VERSION.

STEP 6. Select TAP TO UPDATE in the Firmware line.


Image 6. Select TAP TO UPDATE in the Firmware line.

STEP 7. Select APPLY to install the update.  


Image 7. Select APPLY.

STEP 8. Once the firmware update is complete, reconnect to the Scout as described in step 2 above.  If the Scout network was previously named "Ping-####", then it should now be named "Scout-####"