How do I get log files from my Scout receiver using iTunes?

If you have turned the "Logging" switch to "ON" using the Scout Device Status page, a log file will be created that contains the ADS-B messages received during flight. The contents of these files are not useful for your needs, but can be useful for troubleshooting by the ForeFlight developers or the uAvionix team.

To send us the Scout Log Files that are stored in your iPad or iPhone, please follow these steps:

STEP 1. Connect the iPad/iPhone to the computer using the “charging” cable.
STEP 2. Start iTunes.
STEP 3. Click on the icon for your device at the top of iTunes.
Image 1.  Click on your device icon.
STEP 4. (1) Click on “Apps” on the left side of the screen.  (2) Scroll down the File Sharing section, then (3) click on “ForeFlight.” 
Image 2.  Click on APPS, scroll to FILE SHARING and click on FOREFLIGHT.
STEP 5. In the ForeFlight Documents section, click on the Scout data log folder(s) you wish to export. The Scout data log folders will start with the date (yyyy-mm-dd...) and end with the file extension "Scout.gdl90log" or "ADS-B.gdl90log".
Image 3.  Click on the "... .gdl90log" folder(s).
STEP 6.  Click "Save to..." in the lower-right corner to save the Scout log file, or click-drag the file out of iTunes and to the desired location (Desktop, other folder, etc...)
Image 4. Click SAVE TO.
STEP 7.  Select the .gdl90log folder(s) and then right-click and choose “Compress...” (Mac OS X) or “Send to > Compressed (zipped folder)” (Windows).
STEP 8.  Attach the compressed archive to the an email and send the email to 
If the compressed archive is too large to email, you can share it with us via Dropbox or another file sharing service.