What can I do if I have no Jeppesen coverage seats to activate in ForeFlight?

Your Jeppesen chart subscription allows you to activate coverages and download charts on a limited number of devices. If you want to add Jeppesen charts to ForeFlight, but don’t have any available coverages or licenses (seats), you have the following options:

- Deactivate your coverage on another device. If your Jeppesen chart subscription allows you to download charts in EFB apps (such as JeppFD), you can deactivate your coverages in those apps so you can free up a seat and activate the coverage in ForeFlight. See these articles: 

     How to deactivate Jeppesen coverage in JeppFD?

     How to deactivate coverages from Jeppesen's website?

- Purchase additional seats from Jeppesen. You can purchase additional Jeppesen coverages or seats. This is a good option if you want to add Jeppesen charts to ForeFlight without removing them from other apps or if your Jeppesen subscription only covers installed panel avionics. See this article:

     How to purchase additional coverages/seats through Jeppesen or ForeFlight

- Purchase Jeppesen coverage through ForeFlight. You can learn more on our ForeFlight + Jeppesen webpage.