How do I turn on SXAR1 data logging?

SXAR1 data logging can be used by our Pilot Support Team to review and troubleshoot data coming into ForeFlight from an SXAR1 XM Weather receiver system. To turn on SXAR1 data logging, follow these steps:

1. Pair your iPad or iPhone with the SXAR1 via Bluetooth, and make sure the SXAR1 is connected to your device. IMPORTANT: the SXAR1 can only connect to one device at a time.

2. Open ForeFlight Mobile and tap on MORE > DEVICES > SiriusXM SXAR1 (or from the Maps page SETTINGS button > SiriusXM SXAR1), scroll down, and slide the LOGGING switch to ON (slide to the right).


Image 1.  Turn SiriusXM SXAR1 logging ON by going to MORE, tap on DEVICES and tap on SiriusXM SXAR1. Scroll down, then slide the LOGGING switch to ON.

Once you have flown and have recorded data, email the ForeFlight PST from inside the app: tap More > Accounts, then tap the "envelope" icon in the upper right. We will send you back a link to automatically forward the SXAR1 logs we need.

You can turn the logging off when you are done.