How do I transfer my flight plan from ForeFlight to my Avidyne IFD-440/540?

To transfer flight plans from ForeFlight to your Avidyne IFD-440/540, you will first need to make sure your IFD-540 has a firmware version of at least 10.2.  With your iPad connected to your Avidyne, you can view your firmware version under MORE > DEVICES > AVIDYNE IFD > SOFTWARE VERSION.  

Once you have confirmed your firmware version, please follow these steps to transfer your flight plan to your IFD-440/540:

STEP 1. With a flight plan in the NavLog on the Maps view within ForeFlight, tap the Panel button ((+)) at the bottom of the FPL view while connected to the Avidyne and tap “Send to Panel” to send a route to the Avidyne. Or tap the “Send to” button and choose “Panel”.


mceclip0.png     mceclip1.png

Image 1. Select the PANEL ((+)) button and then the SEND TO PANEL button.

STEP 2. On the IFD-440/540, you will see a "Route Upload Ready" notification appear.  Select the ROUTE page.


Image 2. When you see "Route Upload Ready", select the ROUTE page.

STEP 3. Search for your route in the list.  The route may not be at the top of the list since routes are organized alphabetically by the "From" waypoint.  


Image 3. Select your route from the list.

STEP 4. Once the route is selected, choose the ACTIVATE ROUTE button on the left side of the screen.  Confirm the route if you get a pop-up. You will now see the chosen route is activated on the "FPL" page. 


Image 4. Once your route is selected, choose ACTIVATE ROUTE.