How can I best use ForeFlight Logbook with my students?

As a Flight Instructor, you may have already developed a process for documentation. ForeFlight Logbook aims to make your “paperwork” easier by consolidating this process in digital form.

Flight Signatures - After creating/reviewing your student’s Logbook entry, Tap the Add Signature cell. This will start the process that allows you to add your comments, sign, and lock the entry. Note that the lines below your signature are not locked - thus, you’re verifying only your comments and the specifics of the flight. This allows your student to manage their own separate comments and custom fields.  

Endorsements - To authorize your student to solo, take a checkride, etc, tap Qualifications from the student's Logbook page, then tap the ‘+’ button to add a new endorsement.

Or from the Logbook page on your iPad, tap Instructor Tools to create a Remote Endorsement that will be sent directly to the student. 

You have the option to craft your own endorsement, or use one of ForeFlight’s pre-fill templates by tapping “Lookup”. Since this text may be changed, verify its content before signing the endorsement.