What is the difference between Aircraft Type, Make, and Model in Logbook?

Throughout the years, pilots and instructors have used many different standards to identify the type of aircraft flown in a logbook entry. Your earliest entries may refer to “PA28,” “Archer,” and “PA-28-181”...all for the same tail number. ForeFlight Logbook aims to standardize this more, which is why aircraft entries have three different identification fields:

Type Code: Here you can enter the aircraft’s flight plan code.

     -The code can be found at this page on icao.int

     -Type Code may cover multiple models, such as “M20P” for Mooneys

     -Consistency with this field will yield the best reporting later

Make: This is the aircraft’s manufacturer.




Model: This field allows you to track specific models and variants.


     -Twin Otter (Floats)