How do I format a KML Shape File that has a URL element in it?

If your KML Shape File has a URL element in it, follow the steps below to convert it to a correctly structured KML file using Google Earth and your web browser:

Example:  This is an example of an unsupported KML file URL element:



URL to KML Conversion Process

Step 1

Open the KML in Google Earth, then right-click on the name of the folder next to the folder icon with the network cable (which indicates the KML file info is being accessed from the Internet) and choose GET INFO.


Image 1. Open the file and right-click on the folder and choose GET INFO.

Step 2

When the Get Info window opens, copy the link as shown. 


 Image 2. Copy the URL from the Get Info window.

Step 3

Paste the URL into a new browser window. The KML file containing the actual points/lines/shapes will then download.

Step 4

Import the file into ForeFlight Mobile by utilizing the instructions in this article:

     How do I import User Map Shapes or KML Shape files?