Why won't my User Map Shapes or KML/KMZ Shape file display?

KML/KMZ File Requirements

In order to correctly display User Map Shapes in ForeFlight Mobile, all of the following 3 conditions must be met:

1) the KML file must end in ".kml" or".kmz" in the name.

2) The file must be smaller than 200MB.

3) The file must also contain the actual KML elements and not just a link to the elements.


Sample of an incompatible URL element 

Here is an example of a KML file (opened with a text editor) that will not display in ForeFlight Mobile due to the URL link element: 

    <name>Layer 1</name>
        <name>Practice Areas</name>

NOTE: See below for instructions in the following article for converting a file like this into a KML file that can be imported. 

     How do I format a KML Shape File that has a URL element in it?


Sample of a properly formatted KML element

A correctly constructed KML file will include details about each point, line, and/or shape, and will look like something this:

    <name>Layer 1</name>
    <Style id="line-000000-6-nodesc-normal">
<name>Line 19</name>