How do I find the nearest airport to me?

There are several ways you can find an airport nearest to your location.  Here are some methods you can try:

From the Maps Page

Option 1: Map Touch

1. Touch and hold on your current position on the map.  A pop-over will appear.

2. Tap the AIRPORTS filter button at the bottom of the pop-over. This will show you a list of the airports nearest to your current position in order of closest at the top.

3. From the pop-over, tap the MORE button and then the DIRECT TO button to replace your current route with a route "direct-to" that airport. Tapping the name of the airport, instead, will add it to the end of your route.

Image 1. Touch and hold on the Map to view the nearest airports. 

Option 2: Nearest Instrument

1. Bring up your Instruments bar by tapping the INSTRUMENTS button (Looks like a speedometer) at the top of the Maps page.

2. Tap on an instrument you would like to replace in the Instruments bar.  A pop-over will appear.

3. Scroll through the instruments list and select NEAREST AIRPORT.  This will add that instrument to your Instruments bar and show the ID of the airport nearest to you as well as your direction and distance relative to the airport.

Image 2. Nearest instrument is shown in Instruments bar.


From the Airports Page

Option 1: Nearest Button

1. From the Airports page, tap the NEAREST button (Looks like crosshairs) in the upper-right corner.  

2. Scroll through the list of nearby weather stations and airports.  

3. Tap the name of the airport that interests you.

4. Tap the SHOW ON MAP button at the top of the page to view the airport location on the map

5. Tap either the DIRECT TO or ADD TO ROUTE button as needed.

Image 3. Nearby airports from the Airports page.


NOTE: On the Airports page, the button that is labeled as "Nearest" shows the nearest airports relative to the airport that is currently shown on the Airports page. If the selected airport is not year you, the list of airports won't be near you either.